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Dog Haircuts

Littleton, CO

A Full Serve Haircut Appointment includes the brush out, bath, dry, nails trimmed, ears cleaned and the haircutting or trimming. We also offer optional upgrades for an additional cost. You may find them on the Pet Spa & Bathing Options Page.

Things that you should know!

Most appointments take approximately 4 hours depending on breed, age (puppies & senior pets can take longer) temperament and condition of the coat and/or how often your pet is professionally groomed. We will call you when your pet is completed and we ask that you do not come in before. Our grooming suite is located close to the entry door and there are windows, also. If a pet sees their mom or dad, many times we cannot complete the haircut because they get so excited to go home!

Upon drop off, your pet stylist will do a consultation* to go over all your questions & necessary information. It is helpful for you to be honest about previous grooming experiences, health information about your pets and any other information that will help us to help your pet have the best experience possible.

Pricing: We have an approximate pricing list by breed but there are many factors that can change this, especially when we have not seen the pet. Age, weight, coat type & texture, temperament, type of haircut requested, and how the coat is maintained at home are all huge time factors that pricing is based on.  If you would like a more concise price range, we recommend you drop in with your pet or ask your pet stylist during the consultation*.

*The consultation is at no charge. We may ask you to bring your pet in for us to see them prior to scheduling an appointment due to the varying factors on some long and curly coated breeds, such as Doodle mixes. This way we are able to schedule them correctly. We also will better able to fill you and your dog’s needs to give them the best experience, especially in the first few crucial visits.

What type of haircut?

Sanitary Trim:  A “tidy-up” also known as a “sanitary trim” which is minimal trimming on the face, potty areas, between toes and foot pads.

Perimeter Trim: This includes shortening of the hair all over but not shaving short. Many Golden Retrievers will get this to trim up long feathers.

Puppy Cut: This term is used often and means that you want the same length all over, BUT it does not tell the groomer what length that is.  A Puppy Cut can be 1/2 inch or 2 inches long.

Breed Cut: The is the standard cut for a specific breed such as; Cocker Spaniel, Schnauzers, Westies, etc. There are variances such as a false skirt, shorter skirt, etc., that can be discussed.

Shave Down: This is a cut for dogs that may be matted to the skin or you may request this for certain situations. Again, the length is dependant upon the situation.

Show Grooms & Hand Stripping: We recommend a breed specific show groomer.


Bathing your dog at home can be an option, just please remember that if you have a long-haired dog and they swim or get wet they need to be brushed out PRIOR or any tangles will get tighter and harder to remove as they air dry. “Top Brushing” is common with pet owners where they brush the top coat but don’t get down to the undercoat. Once the undercoat is matted, your dog usually ends up needing a “smoothie”! (which is a shave down to the skin to remove the matting) We have conditioners, brushes, and combs that can assist you with your dog grooming needs to help prevent unnecessary discomfort caused by tangles and matting.

Why Does My Dog Get Matted?  Read the article to help you!