Spring and fall is the time that skunks become more active and your pets are at the highest risk of becoming sprayed by these pesky little creatures! It is August in Colorado and we have had 3 telephone calls TODAY for pets that smell like a skunk! Sometimes they don’t get a direct spray but are in the vicinity or rub up against skunk oil. Yes, oil…..the skunk oil is so long-lasting because it soaks into the skin and mucous membranes such as the nose, mouth and even the eyes.

How to Avoid A Run-in with a Skunk!
~Don’t let your pet run loose in your yard or on your property without making sure the area is clear.

~Keep your pet on a leash if taking them out at dusk, night or early morning.

What To Do If Your Pet Gets Sprayed By A Skunk?
~Keep them outside or confined to a room that can be easily cleaned!

~Add cornstarch or baking soda DRY to the affected area, using gloves and rub it on the oily area. (The hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and Dawn dishwashing liquid work well if done properly, but you cannot apply this to the face and eye areas.)

~Then call us to get your Thera-Clean Bath. Currently, we are the only Colorado facility to provide this service. Watch the video to see why the negative ion microbubble system is the best remedy for skunk odor.

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