Canine Colors

Have you ever taken those boring "personality assessments"?

Canine Colors Workshops are the opposite of that!

Learning more about your needs & stressors along with your dog’s motivations can bring harmony to your household.  It can be valuable to learn why your dog might not be motivated the same way as another dog and can help you to adjust so everyone can live in harmony!

Do you want to understand your dog better & have fun too?

Canine Colors is a personality test for you and your dogs which can help you understand them better, and be more successful with training, your bond with them, and adjusting how you communicate with them!

Have you ever wondered why you are drawn to certain breeds or personalities (or not), or people too for that matter?

This is a non-dog event, come and enjoy some cocktails, and light snacks.  Invite a friend!

Read below for more information or register on our calendar:

Each individual has a distinct personality that sets us apart from all the rest. It’s that distinct personality that makes people who they are. Identifying their strengths by using the True Colors model makes them shine like the brightest star in the sky.

Did you know that this same theory can be applied to dogs, too? Like people, each dog has a distinct personality. Use this booklet to discover your strengths and learn more about yourself and the colorful personalities that make up the Canine World.

Canine Colors Can Be Used To:
- help you understand your dog better & fulfill their needs to decrease negative behaviors
- help you select your next pet depending on your needs & theirs too!
- help you with other human relationships
- help you apply training techniques that your dog may respond better to

What to Bring to Class:
It’s super easy!  Just yourself!

This is a human class, please leave your dogs at home.