Canine Colors

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This is a fun, interactive and experiential class.  Whether you are looking to choose that perfect pet to add to your family (this class is great for deciding which new furry family member to add) or for people in the pet industry with many years of experience, you will walk away with a new perspective and way of thinking about your pets and pets you care for.  This class can also be used for understanding coworkers, especially in the pet industry.   I teach this class to all my new employees which helps me set them up for success in my pet spa!  This class is useful for all people that love dogs!

Each individual has a distinct personality that sets us apart from all the rest. It’s that distinct personality that makes people who they are. Identifying their strengths by using the True Colors model makes them shine like the brightest star in the sky.

Did you know that this same theory can be applied to dogs, too? Like people, each individual dog has a distinct personality. Use this booklet to discover your strengths and learn more about yourself and the colorful personalities that make up the Canine World.

Are you frustrated with your dog? Need more understanding about the breed you have or would like to have? Is your pets’ issues personality traits or behavior issues….or a little of both? How can you make the best of you and your pets’ quirks??

This is a fun, interactive class for pet owners or for those looking to get “matched up” when looking for a new four-legged family member! Email us at