Senior Dog Information

Pets are in their senior years longer than any other stage of their lives! One part of our philosophy is to help our clients to have their pets to live healthier, longer. Quality of life is important, not just quantity of life.


There is one BIG factor in how well senior pets will live out their later years, which is WEIGHT! They need to be an appropriate weight so as not to put extra stress on their joints. Sore joints will affect their activity level and it creates a downward spiral very quickly. We recommend feeding a senior pet (with no kidney issues) a high protein, low carb diet. This means less dry kibble and more real meat, high-quality meat canned food and lots of fluid! Increase real foods and decrease the kibble! Replacing some of the kibble with no-salt canned green beans helps for weight loss too.

Some ideas: 90% meat canned food, boiled chicken breasts (save the chicken broth and feed that too!), homemade bone broth, turmeric supplements, frozen raw or dehydrated pet foods, and 100% meat or fish freeze-dried treats. The object is to decrease carbs and balance the blood sugar highs and lows.

We have many senior pet articles and tips located at our sister company; Sadie’s Pet Supply.  Read them here: