About our Instructors:

Dawn Olson, Over 30 years in the Professional Pet Industry, Master Pet Tech Instructor

Dawn Olson owns and operates the Ken Caryl location and has owned Distinctive Pet Care, an in-home sitting and pet care business since 1995. After growing up in Juneau, Alaska she decided to move to Colorado to attend Bel-Rea Institute and become a Certified Veterinary Technician. Dawn’s vision is to create trust in the Littleton community by bringing pet lovers together and creating a sense of awareness for the health, happiness and well-being of all pets. In December of 2013, Dawn became a Master Pet Tech Instructor, teaching valuable pet safety information to pet parents and pet professionals. Dawn is also a Canine Colors facilitator which gives insight into people and pet personalities. Dawn spends a lot of her time reading and learning about the up and coming trends and needs of pet care and nutrition.

Fran Menley, Over 50 years in the Professional Pet Industry, Pet Tech Instructor

Fran Menley has over 30 years of professional pet care, training, and behavior modification. After working for Freedom Service Dogs for 6 years, she partnered with Dawn to start Creating Forever Dogs, a service that helps adopted dogs integrate with their new forever homes and become Forever Dogs. One of the pieces that Fran is passionate about is the health and well-being of all dogs and cats. Becoming a Pet Tech Instructor helps her fulfill that responsibility of teaching pet parents and pet professionals how best to handle day-to-day health issues and recognize emergencies for the better care of pets. Fran is excited to take on this new role for pet families! Fran became a Pet Tech Instructor in February of 2019.

What Students Say About Dawn & the classes:

  • “Great course with in-depth and applicable information.” Golden, Co
  • “Very interesting and informative.” Littleton, Co
  • “Great energy.” Golden, Co
  • “Truly enjoyed everything. Would take this class again.” Littleton, Co
  • “Great content. Info was presented in an easy to understand format.” Littleton, Co
  • “Instructor is very knowledgeable about topics covered and explained clearly.” Littleton, Co
  • “Dawn did a great job, kept us well engaged. Delivered all information nicely.” Littleton, CO
  • “I would like to say that Dawn was a very good speaker. I’ve seen several bad ones, so this was refreshing.” Ken from Parker, CO
  • “Was great from beginning to end.” Colorado Springs, Co
  • “Dawn was very entertaining and kept class moving along.” Colorado Springs, Co
  • “Broadened my knowledge and everyone had good participation. Enjoyed the way we were taught.” Colorado Springs, CO
  • “Loved learning the in-depth issues that can arise in animals.” Golden, Co
  • “Dawn is awesome! So engaging, fun & such a professional.” Arvada, Co
  • “Smart and knowledgeable instructor.” Littleton, Co
  • “Excellent presentation.” Wheat Ridge, Co
  • “Very nice coverage of a lot of material.” Wheat Ridge, Co
  • “Loved this class-I feel like I could help my BFF.” Golden, Co
  • “Excellent trainer, made it fun, was interesting to listen to and very knowledgeable.” Golden, Co

Upcoming Classes

Pet Tech Instructor Training Course-3 days $1795, contact us for more details on becoming a Pet Tech Instructor or visit HERE!

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