Pet First Aid Training

Pet First Aid, CPR & Care Training (Half Day)

Complete PetSaver First Aid, CPR & Care Training (Full Day 8:30 am-5:30 pm)


Pet Tech Instructor TrainingContact us for more info!

Learn Skills That Could Save Your Pets Life!

This hands-on class includes:
Basic Restraint & Muzzling
What is Normal For Your Pet
How To Identify An Emergency
Rescue Breathing & CPR for Dogs & Cats
What is Shock?
Choking Issues
Splinting & Bandaging
Insect & Snake Bites
Hypothermia & Heat Stroke
and much more!

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Why take a Pet Emergency Preparedness class?

First, you can’t call Doggy 911 in most areas. Our pets can’t tell us what may be wrong and once they start showing symptoms they can be pretty darn sick. This class teaches us how to identify a true emergency and then how best to treat it until we can seek veterinary care.

“It's Max from last week's First Aid & CPR class. I just wanted to thank you for sharing your knowledge because on Sunday I needed it! I was Alpine Touring with my dog and unfortunately she caught an edge of a ski and sliced her leg open. Using the techniques that you taught me, I was able to stop the bleeding, wrap it up properly, and get her to the vet for some stitches. Knowing exactly what to do in that situation helped me stay calm and focused, so thank you for that!

And good news, the Doc says Riley is going to be just fine!”

“Thanks again for another great training a couple weekends ago! I really appreciate you letting me re-certify now. I recommended it to a couple of other pet sitters I know. Oh, just a few nights ago, one of my client’s dogs (3 yr old Maltese) was vomiting a lot and when I saw pale gums, I took him into a vet for some fluids. He’s doing fine now.” Read more testimonials about our classes below.

Who should take a Pet First Aid Class?

I believe that anyone that puts their hands on fur during the course of a day! Whether you are a cat or dog owner, pet sitter, groomer, dog trainer, pet boarding facility employee, volunteer, foster family, animal control officer, veterinary technician, etc.

What if I am unable to take the class after I register?

If you are unable to take the class, please notify us as soon as possible. We can transfer your registration to a class in the future but unfortunately, we do not give refunds.

Dawn Olson, former Veterinary Technician, over 30 years in the Professional Pet Industry, Master Pet Tech Instructor

Dawn Olson, moved to Colorado to attend Bel-Rea Institute of Animal Technology, graduated, and became a Certified Veterinary Technician in 1989. She worked at several veterinary hospitals before starting Distinctive Pet Care in 1995. She worked as a professional pet sitter and cared for medical clients until 2005 when she purchased the Ken Caryl Pet Spa. Education has always been her passion and making it fun is one of her goals. ” Learning happens more when your laughing!” Dawn believes. Dawn started teaching for Pet Tech in March 2012 and now is one of a few Master Instructors in the United States, teaching over 350 students about pet safety! Please take a moment to scroll down to read some of the testimonials of her past students.

Fran Menley, Over 50 years in the Professional Pet Industry, Pet Tech Instructor

Fran Menley has over 30 years of professional pet care, training, and behavior modification. After working for Freedom Service Dogs for 6 years, she partnered with Dawn to start Creating Forever Dogs, a service that helps adopted dogs integrate with their new forever homes and become Forever Dogs. One of the pieces that Fran is passionate about is the health and well-being of all dogs and cats. Becoming a Pet Tech Instructor helps her fulfill that responsibility of teaching pet parents and pet professionals how best to handle day-to-day health issues and recognize emergencies for the better care of pets. Fran is excited to take on this new role for pet families! Fran became a Pet Tech Instructor in February of 2019.

PetTech Pet Saver™ Program ~ Full Day Cost $135

Our PetSaver™ Program is an eight-hour course that will cover a number of valuable first aid skills and information to help keep their pets happy and healthy. Additionally, the class includes our PetSaver™ handbook, and upon successful completion, each participant will receive a certificate. We practice most of the skills so that you can see it AND practice it to retain more of the skills so when you need them, you’ve got them!

The cost for this class is $135 and includes life-saving techniques for your pets and general information to keep your pets healthy and happy including pet nutrition, dental care, The Snout-To-Tail-Pet Assessment, and much more! This class is approved for CACVT (Colorado Association of Certified Veterinary Association) continued education credits.

Pet Tech™ First Aid & CPR Training ~ 5 hours Cost $109

Our Pet First Aid & CPR class is a five-hour class that covers Rescue Breathing & CPR, Choking, Hypothermia & Heat Stroke, and other First Aid emergencies. This class costs $109 and includes our PetSaver™ handbook, and upon successful completion, each participant will receive a two-year certificate.

PetTech™ Instructor Training ~ Cost $1795

Do you want to teach Pet Tech Classes? The Pet Tech™ Instructor Training is a comprehensive, three-day, interactive program. Instructors will learn the necessary skills and teaching methods to properly train pet owners in first aid and care. This course will include competent training in the identification and evaluation of the signs and symptoms a pet may develop and the appropriate actions to be taken for proper emergency medical treatment. Please contact Dawn at for more information.

“It was a lot to learn in 3 days but I benefited from all of it and became more confident so I can teach great classes!” Larkyn from Aurora, CO

“It was all beneficial but I particularly liked about HOW to teach, methods to use & the psychology behind learning. I learned so much and really enjoyed spending time with you. You are a great instructor and I’m glad that YOU were my instructor!” Nancy from Heber City, UT