Pet Nutrition

Choose the Correct Size! Bags of food should only be kept open for 2-3 weeks before all vitamins & minerals are oxidized. Kibble, even the highest quality is cooked at high temperatures which cooks most of the nutrition out of the food. Artificial vitamins & minerals are sprayed on the food after cooking.

Food Storage! Keep your food in a cool, dry place. If you can put it in the refrigerator once opened, that’s even better. Also, when purchasing your food, do not keep it in a hot car for hours, plan your errands accordingly!

Containers! If you are set on putting your food in a plastic container; it needs to be cleaned frequently to avoid rancid oils from contaminating your new food. We recommend that you keep your bag of food inside of a plastic container and rolled down to remove most of the air. Then if you want to keep a small, plastic container that will hold 2-3 days of food it will not expose the entire bag to air every meal.

Add Moisture! A dry food set down for your pet every day is the minimum amount of nutrition to keep your pet alive. We want your pets to THRIVE! A dry food diet can lead to skin issues (especially in our dry climate), boredom, overweight pets, food sensitivities, and dehydration, (even if your pet drinks lots of water). If you do NOTHING ELSE, add water to your pet’s bowl to activate & soak the food. This aids in digestion, creates less gulping and slower eating to reduces gas, helps them feel a little fuller and helps the food smell like food for the picky pet. Keep reading for easy ways to increase nutrition.

Would you THRIVE on a dry bowl of cornflakes at every meal?

“Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.” Hippocrates