Littleton, CO

Please call us at 720-981-7387 to schedule. Please be aware that full-serve haircut appointments take approximately 4 hours and full-serve bath appointments take 3-4 hours. This time can vary depending upon coat condition, age, temperament, and multiple dogs, and very large, hairy dogs will take longer.

We do keep busy and recommend you call in advance to schedule and highly recommend our Mutt Club prebooked grooming maintenance program.


Please note: If you are new to us and have a large, hairy breed such as a Goldendoodle, Labradoodle, AnyOtherDoodle*, Standard Poodle, Newfoundland, Malamute, Siberian Husky, Saint Bernard, Great Pyrenees, Chow Chow, Samoyed, Bernese Mountain Dog, large or extra hairy mixed breeds, we will ask that you schedule a complimentary consultation to go over pricing, check the condition of the coat, discuss at-home upkeep requirements to keep the hair the length you are hoping to and any other questions you may have.  These consultations help our pet stylists from running late on the day of your appointment, helps us to schedule appropriately, and give more accurate estimates.



If it has been longer than the estimated time given to you, feel free to call but please refrain from coming into the shop. If your pup sees you, many times we are unable to finish their services due to them being excited & wiggly!

**Drops-off & Pick Ups**

We are asking that you do not drop off more than one hour prior to your appointment and pick up within an hour of the notification that your pet is ready. We do not have a lot of extra space, and cannot provide day boarding (due to our licensing restrictions).

**Making Appointments and Mutt Club**

Our groomers are popular and book up quickly!

We recommending pre-booking your appointments!

We ask that Doodles, Poodles, and other breeds that require regular maintenance, schedule on our Mutt Club Program. As a Mutt Clubber, your groomer will schedule your next appointment every 4-8 weeks to ensure you have a spot! You’ll stick with the same groomer who will get to know you and your pet, and you’ll save money on de-matting fees since your pup will be in great shape year-round. As a bonus, Mutt Clubers receive $5 toward any upgrade including nail grind, teeth brushing, de-shedding, special conditioners, and more! **We can do brush-out appointments in-between haircuts if needed

**Late Policy:**

We cannot always accommodate guests arriving 15 minutes after their appointment time. We may or may not be able to move your appointment to a later time on the same day with a $10-20 late fee applied to compensate your groomer for staying late to finish your pet.

Late Cancellations & No Call/No Shows

Due to an increase in missed appointments and late arrivals, we have implemented a strict attendance policy. (We understand that illness, injury, and other emergencies arise, so the fees may be waived at the discretion of management after one incidence.)


If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, we respectfully request at least 48 hours’ notice. Failure to give notice will result in a missed appointment fee of 50% of your scheduled service, applied to your next visit. 

We have long wait list, so advance notice allows up to fill your spot with someone who is anxiously waiting.

Arriving more than 15 minutes late will result in a $15 late fee. We may not be able to accommodate you that day, in which case the fee will be applied to your next visit.

If more than two appointments are missed, we require a full deposit to schedule future full-service visits.

If you are a part of our Mutt Club Maintenance Program and do not give 24 hours’ notice you may be removed from the savings program.

While these policies do not apply to nail trims or self-service appointments, we still appreciate a heads-up if you are unable to make it.

These policies help keep our groomers' income steady and our prices as low as possible. We appreciate your understanding and ask that you honor your furry friend's appointment just like any appointment you would make for yourself.