Training Classes & Behavior Coaching

Littleton, CO

For training classes from 9 weeks and older or private sessions to work on specific issues - Please visit our sister company’s website: Creating Forever Dogs

Creating Forever Dogs was established in 2019 to help all pet owners create a family unit that is the best it can possibly be. With so many pandemic puppies and adopted older dogs, we have seen many situations that we have been able to improve. Fran, our on-staff trainer has many years of experience including Search & Rescue, hunting dogs, training service dogs & much more. She focuses on making training fun through games and building the bond between the family & their dog!

Did you get a new puppy? We have created a “Puppy Tip Hotline”! We send out training tips to help you along your journey! Text ‘puppy’ to 720-204-1203 to start receiving this valuable information.