Do You HAVE to Use Toxic Chemicals to Protect Your Pet from Ticks and Fleas?

They’re almost microscopic, but the diseases they carry are no small threat!
But are pet owners forced into using toxic treatments
to effectively protect their beloved dogs and cats?

Tiny and Often Overlooked

With warmer temperatures, the outdoors is coming alive with beauty and sun-soaked days. But it’s also alive with parasitic insects like ticks and fleas which pose real potential dangers to your pet’s health and quality of life.

Natural Protection Without the Toxicity

Common preventatives for both fleas and ticks have traditionally included OTC (over-the-counter) and prescription products. Unfortunately, these medications are filled with toxic chemicals (in order to kill the fleas and ticks). Imagine what prolonged exposure to these poisons are ultimately doing to the health of your pet(s)! If you use these products, you are regularly feeding or applying a synthetic pesticide directly to – or on – your beloved pet!

Recent studies and evidence show that the ingredients (both “active” and “inactive”) are linked to “serious health effects in both laboratory animals and in pets.” (Dogs Naturally)

These toxic chemicals include the following:

These same poisonous chemicals that repel and kill both fleas and ticks are – over time – absorbed by your pet’s body into the bloodstream and organs creating serious health risks:

• Neurotoxins leading to adverse neurologic reactions including aggressive behavior, learning issues, and brain damage;
• Thyroid cancer, altered thyroid hormones, and lesions;
• Lung and liver cancers and tumors;
• Breathing issues;
• Adverse skin irritations and conditions;
• Vomiting and diarrhea;
• Loss of appetite;
• Increased cholesterol levels;
• Liver and kidney toxicity;
• Reduced fertility; and
• Convulsions, seizures, muscle weakness and tremors.

NOTE: In smaller dogs, these toxic effects are exacerbated even faster with consistent, chronic use.

What Should You Do?

Considering a flea and tick medication (either OTC or prescription)? Take the time to carefully read all labels and research any terms you don’t recognize or understand. Your pet’s health depends upon it!

Prevention is the best remedy with natural, chemical-free products
and keeping your pet as healthy as possible! According to Dr. Michael Fox DVM:

“For reasons that science has yet to determine,
healthy animals are less attractive to fleas
and other external and internal pests and parasites.”

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