YES, Your Nosy Dog Can Suffocate in an Empty Chip Bag!

Our pets are wonderful and inquisitive creatures! But sometimes, those curious noses get them into trouble!

When it comes to our beloved dogs, most humans are primarily concerned with what’s inside our snack bags which can cause unpleasant side effect like upset stomachs, diarrhea, vomiting and more.

But have you given any thought to the bag itself? Every day, our curious pups (and kitties) face deadly suffocation risks from snack bags and other types of food packaging! Packaging that is soft, collapsible or made from crinkly plastic or mylar-type materials (a form of clear, very thin plastic). estimates 2-3 pets are lost every week to bag suffocation and not all incidents are reported!)

Keep reading to learn more before the unthinkable happens to your precious family companion.

The Everyday Risks of K9 Suffocation

Your home is probably full of potential suffocation risks to your dog/pets. Items like:

  • Chip bags including:
    Corn Chips
    Potato Chips
  • Cereal boxes (with clear or opaque plastic or shiny mylar bags inside)
    Snack bags:
  • Pet food and pet treat bags
  • Other Food and Snack packaging:
    Pringles tubes
    Bread bags
    Hard plastic containers and glass containers with narrow openings

Tempting crumbs and enticing smells, attract curious dog noses which could lead to irreversible actions and the untimely loss of your pet!

The Heartbreaking Statistics

In a survey conducted by Preventive Vet (between 2014-2018) with 1,354 owners lost pets to suffocation, the statistics revealed:

  • 72% of pets (dogs/cats) suffocated in chip or snack bags.
  • 11% suffocated in bags for pet food or treats.
  • 6% suffocated in liners for cereal boxes.
  • 11% suffocated in bread bags, plastic containers or something else.

And even more heartbreaking, 39% of these suffocations happened with the pet parent at home!

HOW It Happens

Dogs (and cats) are natural scavengers and yummy smells are like a magnet to highly sensitive noses. Even more so for food-motivated pets!

A lot of food packages are made from a strong mylar-like material (think of a balloon) because it helps keep the snacks inside fresher for longer.

When these bags/packages are left unattended or even in the trash, your curious dog comes along and sticks his head into the bag because of the irresistible scents from sweet, fatty or salty contents. This is where the trouble begins.

As your canine inhales, the bag becomes snug around his neck cutting off his oxygen supply that causes him to begin to panic. Unfortunately, no matter how hard he tries to back out of the bag, paw it off with his paws or tear it with his nails, the seal remains tight around his neck. This leads to uncontrolled panic and flight causing an even greater need for oxygen. Eventually, the dog collapses and dies from asphyxiation.

This can happen in just a few minutes (as little as 3-5 minutes) while you’re out of the house, in the backyard, checking the mailbox or in the shower! It can also happen to any size dog or cat.

WHAT Preventative Measures Can You Take?

Keep your curious pets (both canines and felines) safe from the risk of suffocation. Below are 6 simple tips that will protect your pet and his life.

  1. Keep ALL chip/snack/pet food & treat bags safely stored out of your pet’s nose and reach.

2. Before discarding any potentially dangerous food packaging:

  1. Tear;
    Cut up; or
    Tie the bags into a knot.(This will also protect stray animals and wildlife that might get into your garbage or scavenge through landfills.)

3. Keep all trash and garbage securely covered and out of reach.

4. Serve chips and snacks in safe bowls or containers.

Store all chips and snack in safe, resealable plastic containers with large openings.

5. Educate all family members and friends, pet and babysitters, and anyone else that may be around your pets or their own.

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